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How to create custom voice chats 
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For all those who like to bind the voice sounds to a certain key, we made a list of all on the Hirntot server available voice sounds.

Un-coloured bind: bind m vsay enemyweak
Colored bind: bind m vsay enemyweak "^1The ^2enemy ^3is ^4weakened."

For some voice commands are more possible sounds and outgoing messages possible wich are chosen randomly by the client. To specify the soundfile and message you need to add anumber behind vsay. What number is what sound you have to test for yourself:
Un-coloured bind: bind m vsay 3 coverme
Coulored bind: bind m vsay 3 coverme "^1Cover ^2me!"

In the section below you see all possible commands and afterwards in "" the outcome text message (if not customised by you as shown above).

    // wm_quickstatements //
    PathCleared = "Path cleared."
    EnemyWeak = "The enemy is weakened."
    AllClear = "All clear."
    Incoming = "Incoming!"
    FireInTheHole = "Fire in the hole!"
    OnDefense = "I'm on defense."
    OnOffense = "I'm on offense."
    TakingFire = "Taking fire!"
    MinesCleared = "Mines cleared."
    EnemyDisguised = "Enemy in disguise."

    // wm_quickrequests //
    Medic = "Need a Medic!"
    NeedAmmo = "I need ammo!"
    NeedBackup = "I need backup!"
    NeedEngineer = "We need an engineer!"
    CoverMe = "Covering fire!/Cover me!"
    HoldFire = "Hold your fire!"
    WhereTo = "Where to?"
    NeedOps = "We need Covert Ops!"
    ncos = "We need a Covert Ops!"
    neng = "We need a Engineer!"
    nmedic = "We need a Medic!"
    nsoldier = "We need a Soldat!"
    nfos = "We need a Field Ops!"

    // wm_quickcommands //
    FollowMe = "Follow me!"
    LetsGo = "Let's go!"
    Move = "Move!"
    DefendObjective = "Defend our objective!"
    DisarmDynamite = "Disarm the dynamite!"
    ClearMines = "Clear the mines!"
    ReinforceDefense = "Reinforce the defense!"
    ReinforceOffense = "Reinforce the offense!"

    // wm_quickglobal //
    Affirmative = "Affirmative!/Yes!"
    Negative = "No!/Negative!"
    Thanks = "Thanks!/Thank you!"
    Welcome = "You're welcome./No Problem."
    Sorry = "Sorry!"
    Oops = "Oops!"
    Hi = "Hi!/Hello!"
    Bye = "Bye./Good Bye."
    GreatShot = "Great shot!"
    Cheer = "Hahaa!/Alright!/Yes!/'Atta way, baby!/You got it, man!/Yeehaa!/Yeah!/Woo!"
    GoodGame = "Good game!"

    // wm_sayplayerclass //
    IamSoldier = "I'm a soldier."
    IamMedic = "I'm a medic."
    IamEngineer = "I'm an engineer."
    IamFieldOps = "I'm a field ops."
    IamCovertOps = "I'm a covert ops."

    // wm_quickattack //
    DestroyPrimary = "Destroy primary objective
    DestroySecondary = "Destroy secondary objective!"
    DestroyConstruction = "Destroy construction!"
    RepairVehicle = "Repair the vehicle!"
    DestroyVehicle = "Disable the vehicle!"
    EscortVehicle = "Escort the vehicle!"

    // wm_quickobjectives //
    CommandAcknowledged = "Command acknowledged!/Right away!"
    CommandDeclined = "Command declined!/No can do!"
    CommandCompleted = "Command completed!"
    ConstructionCommencing = "I'm constructing!"

    // wm_quickfireteams //
    FTAttack = "Attack!"
    FTFallBack = "Fall back!"

    // wm_quickfireteamssoldier //
    FTCoverMe = "Cover me!"
    FTCoveringFire = "Covering fire!"
    FTMortar = "Deploy mortar!"

    // wm_quickfireteamsmedic //
    FTHealSquad = "Heal the squad!"
    FTHealMe = "Heal me!"
    FTReviveTeamMate = "Revive team mate!"
    FTReviveMe = "Revive me!"

    // wm_quickfireteamsengineer //
    FTDestroyObjective = "Destroy the objective!"
    FTRepairObjective = "Repair objective!"
    FTConstructObjective = "Construct objective!"
    FTDisarmDynamite = "Disarm the dynamite!"
    FTDeployLandmines = "Deploy landmines!"
    FTDisarmLandmines = "Disarm landmines!"

    // wm_quickfireteamsfieldops //
    FTCallAirStrike = "Call an airstrike!"
    FTCallArtillery = "Call in artillery!"
    FTResupplySquad = "Resupply the squad!"
    FTResupplyMe = "Resupply me!"

    // wm_quickfireteamscovertops //
    FTExploreArea = "Explore the area!"
    FTCheckLandmines = "Check for landmines!"
    FTSatchelObjective = "Destroy the objective!"
    FTInfiltrate = "Infiltrate!"
    FTGoUndercover = "Go undercover!"
    FTProvideSniperCover = "Provide sniper cover!"
    FTUndercover = "I´m in disguise!"

    // customs //
    OMW = "Affirmative. On my way!"
    MOMW = "I'm a medic! On my way!"

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