01.04.24 - the day Monty retired

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01.04.24 - the day Monty retired

Post by Monty on the Run »

Hirntot are planning to have Tuesdays and Thursdays where mortar is banned (!) and fops is restricted to level 2 arty!

Monty never thought he'd see the day.

Hirntot - the only server in existence for the past 20 years that was OLDSCHOOL and a safe haven from all those other servers that were bastardized by insane people with their insane server settings. 

Hirntot admins (coincidentally none of whom like to play mortar/fops) will try to tell you that they are making this change (without consulting any of the regulars who play way more on the server than them, by the way) because ETLegacy is "more spammy". Do not feed into their story. 
Couple of points before Monty packs his bag:

1. Mortar is actually less of a threath in ETLegacy now because explosions have been changed where players do not vaporize as easily. So a mortar hit is not always a guarantee of a gib.

2. As for fops, the class is still exactly the same: the arty is available once every 60 seconds, and the airstrike is available once every 60 seconds. The only thing that has changed in ETLegacy for Hirntot is that instead of 2 fops, you now allow 3 fops. This is a bad idea, because the 3 fops now argue like hell about how to use the airsupport. With 3 fops, it goes without saying that airsupport utilization will be max and therefore the game (most times) will feel a bit more "spammy". That you overlooked this point and instead chose to nerf the fops class altogether just shows that you haven't really thought this through.

3. The MAIN REASON why ETLegacy feels "more spammy" is because the server has been rejuvinated in the past 6 months. On any given night, there are now more players trying to get in and play. As a result, referees have started manually stacking the teams up to 16 vs 16 and even up to 17 vs 17. More players equals more spam. Monty has suggested to the admins that this sort of "teamstacking" practice is pushing the small maps we have on server to its limits - and furthermore, that the solution is to manually decrease the chargetimes of ALL classes by 10 percent. There is nothing wrong with overbooking Oasis with 17 vs 17 (and  both teams having CP) if that is what you want. But don't sit there and make up excuses that the "spam" is now the fault of something in ETLegacy. The shameful bit in this whole equation is that two spesific weapons (mortar banned, and arty nerfed) have been singled out as a solution to rectify this, when the blame should be put on overbooked maps. 

4. Hirntot has always been about fairness for all classes (not "disabling" certain weapons like all those other joke servers have done over the past). Where is the realism now when we try to stop the turbo tank on Fueldump, or the (almost) invincible truck on Supply, with NO mortar and a fops who only has LEVEL 2 ARTY? These limits make it too easy for the attackers. And, with the above mentioned changes in explosions in ETLegacy, it is now even more easy. What an utter joke of an idea this is.

5. The mortar can be disabled if enough players vote on server that they want it disabled. Tonight, for example, it passed:
Ever wonder why that vote rarely passes? Because Hirntot is where players come and know they can enjoy ET the way it was originally presented. That is why some of the best mortar players in existence have made Hirntot their home, and why so many over the years have enjoyed playing fops and causing any kind of havoc they want with the airsupport. That was the charm about Hirntot. But now you've bastardized the server and it will look just as any random ET server out there. Congratulations.

6. "But it is only on Tuesdays and Thursdays" Monty can hear you say. Are you kidding Monty? We shouldn't have to set up our "visiting days" on Hirntot according to what is on the menu. The reason we have the other server is so that those who dislike heavy weapons and airsupport can go play there. Instead of promoting that server and trying to build it up, you now put the teams manually to 17 vs 17 (most nights). All eggs in one basket, and now you've ruined it completely. Hirntot is now just a fooked up mash of both servers.

Monty for one is not going to take part in this madness. He's done playing on an ET server where the admins just decide on a whim that they are going to change something that has worked for 20 years!

And don't tell Monty that his post about a ref overstepping his bounds by manually disabling mortar didn't factor into your insane decision. 2 days after he made his post, you've now gone and appeased that selfish referee (who by the way only plays rambo medic) by giving him exactly what he wants: no mortar and less arty. Monty is more than happy to let that selfish referee have the last word, so queue up another useless attempt at trolling to one of his posts. Monty don't care anymore.

You can argue about what is "spam" until you are blue in the face. The feeling of what constitutes "spam" is individual. No single class/weapon should be singled out and have to pay the penalty for admins wanting to make a change - Hirntot is supposed to be better than that. The solution Monty has outlined in point 3 (reducing charge time of all classes with 10 percent) is THE solution.

Guess we had a decent run of 2 decades of oldschool ET, but now it's coming to an end. The old admins who were passionate about this aren't around much anymore, and the new ones are toying and tinkering with the server like they can't help it. Monty wants to thank all of those who contributed to making his ET world feel special. It's been one hell of a ride. But unless this has been some sort of sick, sadistic April Fool's joke, you won't be seeing Monty on server anymore. Again thank you... and goodbye :(
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Re: 01.04.24 - the day Monty retired

Post by evirdrevo »

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Re: 01.04.24 - the day Monty retired

Post by s0nic »

This is hilarious :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Can anyone confirm? Did this clown actually quit? Or was it just april fools :o
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Re: 01.04.24 - the day Monty retired

Post by trinita »

Confirmed...he quit
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